Writing for hire (non-profit, ghost writing, corporate)

As a writer for hire, I’ve done everything from punching up documentary narration and creating story for TV and movie scripts, to ghost writing a successful book proposal for the companion to a NYTimes bestseller.

I’ve written equality stories for The Gill Foundation (like the one represented by the galley page above), as well as personal statements and background for founder, Tim Gill. (Tim founded Quark. He funded his foundation with the proceeds from the software giant’s sale. For much of the last decade, the foundation was the largest giver to LGBT organizations.)

For SureScripts, another nonprofit with a virtuous mission, I wrote all manner of editorial and business material over several years, from style guide to ad copy and press releases, consumer brochures, one-sheets, etc. Done that sorta thing for a number of other businesses.

I’ve adapted several books or sections of books for Internet courses (Learning Annex offshoot).

As mentioned in theworkofbrad’s publishing section, I’ve done substantial ghost blogging for clients on subjects including yoga and fitness.