Dogtown Ink

While I created nearly all of Dogtown Ink’s content of short satirical posts, features and two local guides, one to the area in general, one focused on architecture (including shooting and adjusting photos), contributing writers like John O’Brien, whose column about Venice included some wonderful photographs by the late, great Ken O’Brien (John’s father), also fed me great content to publish.

Publishing schedule generally included a news satire story I’d quickly come up with, take a photo or photoshop something to accompany it, publish and hit Digg and Reddit and StumbleUpon and Fark, etc., to gin up an audience.

I’d also often publish a new entry or two for the Venice Guide or my Architecture Guide, including photos I’d likely just taken. I’d begun a Venice Photos column.

I also did a quick serialization/diary of the Yahoo News Underground episodes, talking about the gig in the context of the content we produced. There were contributors, so editing and publishing their work (and likely photoshopping an image(s)). Might hit the social nets with it.

Created a few video clips, one requiring little or no editing, one requiring a fair amount. YouTube videos, fake news and cheap and dirty satire music video — including the music.