Equality California: “Raise”

Raise ad

California Alliance for Pride and Equality (now Equality California) wanted to wage a twofold campaign: to create a million-strong email list of equality-minded Californians and raise money for the organization in the process. I named the campaign and with partner Ned Farr (of P90X fame) did all kinds of media (including a simple, animated website) to get people on board.

Speaking of P90X fame, that’s my super talented and dear friend, Dreya Webber, in the dots above. One can’t mention Ned and Dreya and the equality fight in the same breath without citing their amazing, Outfest 2010 award-hogging (Best U.S. Feature, Best Actress, and the Feature Audience Award) feature, A Marine Story — Dreya stars, Ned wrote and directed (and did pretty much everything else).