Yahoo! News Underground: Subculture Stories

Video Journalism

Covering “subcultures” for Yahoo! News was a great job. People pursuing their passions are fun to be around. With our web video coverage, we tried to be informative, amusing, possibly thought-provoking and short and sweet. It was done on a budget and either alone (me) or by me and producer, pro shooter, Didrik Johnck.

Thai Elvis: A Prayer to the King

And the food’s great!

Topsy-turvy Bus (Ben & Jerry’s latest flavor?)

Tom Kennedy makes art car mash-ups the way Ben Cohen remixes ice cream: deliriously. Here, they combine their mix-and-mash-up magic to create their very own political machine–the Topsy-turvy Bus. Didrik and I caught up with them in Oakland a couple times during the course of the bus’ building.

Big Rocket,

Here, Aidan Sojourner and his dad, Cliff, send a 12-foot Nike Smoke rocket screaming into the wild blue yonder over California’s Central Valley (they’re members of the Tripoli Rocketry Association’s Central California chapter). Aidan wants to someday send a rocket to Neptune to retrieve diamonds. Natch.

Tribute Bands