Yahoo! News: AmSub

Yahoo! News was looking for ideas for a web series and I’d come recommended. I figured I better not come empty-handed. So I wrote up a treatment for an idea of mine. Scott Moore, the Yahoo exec I pitched to, liked it and contracted me to create a couple pilot episodes and boards for a prototype site.

Given my familiarity with web development, I decided to go ahead and create an actual site, a simple one, in addition to creating two episodes. I was interested in building a community (though this was long before Facebook went big, Yahoo groups were huge) and wanted people to grok what I had in mind.

It worked. Based on AmSub, Yahoo contracted me to create and host what would eventually become Yahoo! News Underground.

I created and designed the AmSub pilots and prototype, doing all the writing, copywriting, photography, video shooting and editing in addition to the site design and coding. Above is AmSub’s DIY-style homepage running my Machinima episode.

Very DIY but pretty funny swingers clip.