YAS Fitness / Kimberly Fowler

My work for Kimberly Fowler and YAS began with copywriting the cover and insert for her No OM Zone yoga DVD. It quickly mushroomed to cover pretty much the full range of her substantial media portfolio, doing everything from writing, shooting and editing an author video for her Rodale book to ghostwriting for her at major media outlets.

Kimberly has a very clear vision of brand, both YAS’s and her own. My job was to help her get her message out in as clear and compelling a way possible, regardless of media. There was literal copywriting: press releases, bios, articles, blogs, book proposals, TV treatments, book covers and acknowledgements, guide copy, et cetera…as well as writing and/or editing promotional videos, redesigning DVD covers, designing, coding and publishing The No OM Zone website… And that doesn’t cover the half of it.