Yahoo! News: Underground

I created and hosted Underground, a solo journalism web series on subculture, under contract for Yahoo! News. Initially, I did all the copywriting, article writing, shooting and captioning of slide shows, shooting and editing of video, and VO writing and recording.

After writing and recording a song — The Ballad of Winnie Bago’s Thrashed Undercarriage — to tell the story of a gay rodeoer’s broken pelvis for an early video clip, my exec producer (a former 60 Minutes producer) ordered me to do that all the time. So I did. It was a gas.

Eventually, field producer Didrik Johnck joined me to help with the work load and video production in particular. The Sci Fi and Gay Rodeo episodes (see clips below) were pre-Didrik (he’s a better shooter, and I became one).

GAY RODEO — Gay Rodeo Curious

ROCKETRY — Goblin’s Last Flight

ART CARS — They Were In Art Cars