The Definition of a Blast!

Includes THREE VIDEOS — Rocketry Love, Goblin’s Last Flight and Aiden and the M-Class Rocket — and TWO FEATURE ARTICLES — Large, Dangerous Rocket Ships and Rocketeers: The Definition of a Blast!

Rocketry Love

They come from far and wide to lonely planet locales bearing offerings to the gods of thunder and

Aiden & the M-Class Rocket

Why is young rocketeer Aiden Sojourner bent on sending a rocket to Neptune? Get answers to that and more in this clip featuring Aiden and his dad, Clif, at DairyAire gathering in California’s Central Valley.

Goblin's Last Flight

Wedge Oldham and Andy Wehrner launch an “engine wearing a rocket”.

Rocketeers: The Definition of a Blast

Amateur rocketeers are n-n-n-nut jobs. That was my impression of the handful of Rocketry Organization of California (ROC) members with whom I stood shivering in the 3° F-F-F-Fahrenheit February dawn on a vast, windswept expanse of scorched earth in the Mojave Desert known as Lucerne Dry Lake… (Read More)