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Earth 2 SciFi Fandom

Includes THREE VIDEOS — Earth 2 SciFi Fandom, SpaceGrrl, and Saving Lt. Zulu — TWO FEATURE ARTICLES — Pink Monkeys Create Parallel Magic Kingdom in Shadow of Space Mountain (or Fannish in Anaheim) and I’m a Big Filker — and a blog/interview with Bonnie Burton, TK.

Pink Monkeys Create Parallel Magic Kingdom in Shadow of Space Mountain (or Fannish in Anaheim)

Something like twelve gazillion souls travel to Anaheim, California every year to enter a world of wonder and walk among people clad in furry costumes and pirate regalia. That I was doing the same would have been unremarkable…had I been at Disneyland instead of in a parallel magic kingdom created by pink monkeys… (Read More)

I'm a Big Filker

I made a major self-discovery while attending the 64th Annual World Science Fiction Convention: I’m a big filker! At least in spirit I’m a big filker. There seems to be some question whether or not one can be a filker at all without filking with other filkers. Which I never got around to doing at the WorldCon. I walked in on a small group that was down on the floor preparing to filk. But I got filk-shy and left before they started going at it. I wouldn’t have joined in anyway. I just wanted to watch. It was only later, alone in my dark apartment, that I realized exactly how big of a filker I probably was…. (Read More)

Earth 2 SciFi Fandom

Earth 2 SciFi Fandom I’m aware
That you are out there
But we can’t allow mere space to come between us
How on Earth would all us earthlings know of Venus?

Creatures WorldCons attract
Go there yearning just to make contact
When they ask what planet are you from?
They’re not asking because they think you’re dumb?

Space Grrl

Serious space scientist Bridget Landry of Pasedena’s Jet Propulsion Lab pursues fandom in her free time alongside championing and mentoring girls in math and science.

Saving Lt. Sulu

Saving Lt. Sulu…and making bank.